WeHo Design District Final Construction Activities

We can’t wait to celebrate the Design District’s 75th anniversary after Melrose Avenue Streetscape’s final construction activities!

Goals of the Master Plan

  • Strengthen the economic vitality of the District by improving the pedestrian environment
  • Add bicycle infrastructure, public gathering spaces, and landscaping.
  • Improve the overall aesthetics and utility of the streets.
  • Improve traffic safety while encouraging walking and cycling throughout the district.

WeHo Design District Streetscape Project Features

  1. Expanded, pedestrian friendly sidewalks
  2. New paved streets
  3. New LED energy efficient streetlights
  4. In-Roadway lighting at crosswalks
  5. Electric Vehicle charging
  6. Larger marketing banners
  7. Improved bus shelters
  8. Unique landscaping and tree planting
  9. Gathering Spaces

Final Construction Activities

  • Irrigation system & testing: Late Sept. 2023
  • Decorative sidewalk sandblasting: Late Sept. 2023
  • Landscape planting: Begin early Oct. 2023
  • Fiber optic cabling & splicing: Begin early Oct. 2023
  • Benches & bike racks: Begin early Nov. 2023
  • Final asphalt grinding, paving, striping: Nov. 2023
Posted: September 28, 2023

Artist’s rendering of the completed project, highlighting new features.